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May the fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!

No one can deny the cultural impact Star Wars has had on popular culture and everyday speech, but some forget how much it has changed the cinematic world as well. The franchise shifted the narrative of blockbusters from epic meaningful stories to special effects extravaganzas.

George Lucas is worth 3.25 billion dollars and most would argue that his revenue comes from two companies he started while trying to create Star Wars. Industrial Light and Magic is still a huge powerhouse when it comes to special effects and most films use Skywalker Sound as well. Lucas is also the former owner of Pixar and THX in addition to being the co-founder of American Zoetrope with Francis Ford Coppola. Some say he revolutionized the cinema world by introducing post production, but there is one thing we can all agree upon. He’s responsible for changing the way we market films, by placing a larger focus on merchandise.

Ronald Regan even referred to his Strategic Defense Initiative as Star Wars and UK Parliament MP, Harry Cohen, once joked “May the fourth be with you” during a defence debate on 4 May 1995. The Los Angeles City Council made the day official in 1997. Although Cohen’s joke is the reason we have Star Wars Day, it isn’t the first time someone has used the joke in the political arena. Margaret Thatcher’s party wanted to congratulate her on her election as Prime Minister by posting an ad in the London Evening News saying “May the fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.”

Toronto also holds the record for the first organized celebration of Star Wars Day by including festivities at the Toronto Underground Cinema. For more information on what to do in Toronto today, go here

As a way of recognizing the countless parodies out there on Star Wars, I am including my favourite sketch in Seth Green’s Robot Chicken.

Lucas has said that he enjoys Seth McFarlane’s parodies on Family Guy so here is my favourite sketch from that series. It’s wrong, but so funny.

Hope you enjoyed it and may the fourth be with you today.


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