National Stalking Awareness Day: Five stalker songs that we may hear at weddings

Okay, let’s admit it. We’ve all done it one time or another. Yes, I’m talking about Facebook stalking. We joke about it. We get embarrassed by it, but there it is. We tell ourselves that it’s just a bit of harmless fun and thankfully for the most part our intentions are genuine. However, It doesn’t matter if it’s just a celebrity who doesn’t know you exist or whether it’s someone who at one point was really close to you. Stalking is stalking.

We all know it’s creepy, right? We’ve seen the movies. It’s one of those things that transcends language. It’s universal. We get really anxious when we see that creepo obsessing over the protagonist. So why do we celebrate stalking in our love songs? Why, oh why, do we use them as our wedding songs? Here’s a list of stalker songs to help shed light on National Stalking Awareness Day.

I Drove All Night – Roy Orbison

I grew up listening to this song on my parent’s radio station. I thought it was so romantic, especially when I became a bit older and Jason Priestly starred in the video. Yum. If you listen carefully, the narrator says he drove all night to climb into his love’s window (which is already a bit creepy), but then he goes further by awakening her and “making love” to her. That wouldn’t sound that bad if he didn’t continue by asking if her if it’s alright. If you need to ask if it’s alright, it isn’t. You probably just raped that poor girl.

Run For Your Life – Beatles

There is no question in the world that this is a stalking song. The narrator clearly begins by announcing, “Well I’d rather you see you dead, little girl; than be with another man” and then he continues to tell her how he will track her down and kill her, because he can’t bear that she has moved on. Okay, I’ll admit no one plays this at weddings, but I felt the need to include it because it’s just so clearly a stalker song.

Escape – Enrique Iglesias

I use to bop in the car along with the song. I’m also pretty sure I’ve heard this one at a wedding. This song isn’t better than the one above as the narrator keeps saying, “You can run, you can hide; but you can’t escape my love.” I know it sounds all happy, but really guys this is a break up stalker song that you play at your weddings.

Every Breath You Take – The Police

I know you’ve heard this one at weddings.  Sting has never shied away from the fact that this is a stalker song. Listen to the opening lyrics, “Every breath you take/ And every move you make/ Every bond you break,/ every step you take/ I’ll be watching you.” Creepy, eh?

Invisible – Clay Aiken

Remember him? Yeah, I think this was his biggest hit and he doesn’t shy away from the fact this is a stalker song as well. He begins by singing, “I wish I was a fly on your wall/ Are you really alone? Who is stealing dreams?/ Why can’t I breathe you into my life?/ So tell me what would it take to make you see that I’m alive”

For a complete list of stalker songs, go to

On a more serious note, you can also see StatsCan 2009 report at If you feel that you are being stalked, please contact the police.


About Amanda Parsons

I'm a screenwriter, freelance journalist and novelist. I'm currently working on writing a feature film and a historical fiction novel that is part memoir.


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